The new ‘Bridge’ game which will enthral and enthuse the complete novice, while pushing the Grand Master to the limits of his ability

WiZBridge+ is loosely based on Mini Bridge, which is an established teaching variant of Bridge. We have made lots of changes and enhancements to the ‘classic’ Mini Bridge, to make it even easier for the complete novice to pick up the rudiments of the game, and to enjoy it within minutes of downloading the app. At the same time we have made this seemingly simple form of Bridge a testing challenge for even the most experienced player.

WiZBridge+ 4 different levels, 12 different modes … all compelling and all fun!

Whether this is your first ‘toe dip’ into the wonderful game of Bridge, or whether you are a seasoned Grand Master, you will find a level that will enthral  and challenge you. There are multiple in-app documents and Info buttons to instruct, help and guide you along the way.

WiZBridge+ FREE to download, with HUNDREDS OF FREE HANDS to play, test and evaluate the app before spending a penny … (or a cent, or even a kopek)