WiZBridge+ for Bridge novices

WiZBridge+ is a wonderful introduction to the fascinating world of Bridge. No prior knowledge is required!

You remember playing Whist as a kid? Well this is the basis of Bridge, and it’s also of WiZBridge+.

How it works:

The full pack is dealt to 4 ‘players’, who play in pairs.

  • Each player sits opposite their partner.
  • If you’re looking at a compass, then in WiZBridge+, you’ are always seated at the South position, your partner is North, playing against east and West (These three are played by the computer)
  • You are shown your partner’s cards, and you decide which suit, if any, should be the Trump suit, to gain your side the most number of tricks.
  • One of the opponents will lead with a card, and each player, playing clockwise, plays a card (you control both your cards and your partner’s cards). If any player cannot follow suit, they may use a trump card to take the trick.
  • Your goal is to win as many tricks as possible.

Sounds simple? It is,  but you have to be on your toes. Because you are competing against a highly competent computer Artificial Intelligence, who will have been set exactly the same task (choosing trumps and playing the cards) which the computer does in the background. The aim of the game is to score as highly as you can compared with the computer. There are multiple in-app documents to explain the game in detail, and info buttons throughout the app to guide you as you play.

Levels, modes and help

There are 4 different levels in WizBridge+. For novices, we recommend that you start at level 1 and work your way up as your game improves. As well as the documents and info-buttons, there are Memory Joggers to help you remember which cards have been played, and which player is more likely to hold the important unplayed cards.

Statistics and averages

As there is no other human player involved in WiZBridge+, all your goals and targets are personal to you. Your goal is always to improve your score against the Robot, and improve on your average. At the same time, we show you the WiZBRidge+ Community average, so you can compare yourself to the thousands of other players who are playing just like you, on their own, on their phones or tablets.

Download App

WiZBridge+ is free to download, with hundreds of free hands to play, test and evaluate the app before spending a penny