WiZBridge+ for Bridge pros

We all love the game of Bridge. It’s our passion; for many it’s our whole life. But we all have one common problem, and that’s communicating with our partner during bidding. This problem is magnified tenfold when using Bridge software, and when ‘partner’ is an inanimate Robot.

WiZBridge+ eliminates this problem, and eradicates all frustrations, by … eradicating partner! … and leaving everything – both bidding and play – to you.  We show you both your cards and your ‘partner’s’ cards, (while telling you just the point count for your opponents.)  Using this information, you decide on the final contract, aiming to score as many points as you can. You then play it out, hoping to make the contract.

Now comes the test. The computer has been given exactly the same cards as you, and it too has ‘bid’ a contract, and played the cards. Your task is to beat (or at least draw) with the computer.

No other ‘human’ involved. Just you and your analytical skills in deciding on the best contract and your card-playing skills in trying to make the contract. Sounds easy??? It’s not! You are competing against one of the worlds’ best Bridge ‘Artificial Intelligence’ engines, and if you bid or play timidly you’ll lose!

And if that’s not enough, there’s Duplicate, there’s Ranking, and there are Statistics galore!

You can also take part in our 24/7 Duplicate competitions. In these you’ll be competing with seven other WiZBridge+ players, who’ll be playing the same hands on their devices. It’s compelling, pitting yourself against Robot and real people at the same time.

And finally, everyone who takes part in Duplicate will be ranked, and your goal is to see your rank improving. And, s Bridge players are obsessed with statistics, throughout the app you’ll find an abundance of these, and you can watch and monitor your progress.