And this is it!  The level that sorts out the men from the boys.

Here you will need to bid to the maximum …. every single hand. In normal Bridge you score the same when you bid 1 Spade, making with 2 overtricks (+90) as you do if you bid 3 Spades just making it. Standard Mini Bridge is the same. For bidding part score you get 50 Pts bonus, plus trick value, so for making 9 tricks in Spades you’d score 140 Pts.

In WiZBridge+, if 9 tricks are ‘on’, then you have to bid 3 Spades, as this will score you 20 Pts more than meekly bidding 1 Spade and making two overtricks.  Allow me to explain.

In Level 4, we increment every bidding level ‘bonus’ by 10 Pts. So 1 Spade earns 50 bonus points. 2 Spades earns 60 Pts, 3 Spades 70 … etc. This also goes beyond game call. Bidding 5 Spades will earn 310 bonus points … so making 11 tricks and bidding 5 will earn 460 Pts, whereas bidding 4 Spades making 11 tricks will only earn 450 Pts. If you bid 4, and Robot bids the 5,  you’ll lose by 10 pts. OUCH!!!

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