This will be the ideal level for the complete novice who wants to learn about the fascinating game of Bridge, or the Bridge student who wants to practice and improve.

The nearest thing to ‘classic’ Mini Bridge, here your decision is influenced by the possible bonus points that could be earned. For example … you think that you could make 9 tricks in Clubs. That’s  OK … until you realise that making only 8 tricks in No Trumps will actually score you more points.

There will be loads of in-app documents, help files and Info buttons to guide you along the way. In ‘Practice Mode’ you’ll be able to peek at all 4 hands, and indeed take cards back if you’ve made the wrong decision. And we’re also considering having some ‘memory jogging’ features, which will help you remember which cards have gone, and which cards are still ‘hidden’ … and where they are most likely to be

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