This blog has been going for a few months, and I haven’t introduced ourselves to you.

I’ll start in order of age, and indeed of importance. Meet Michael

Michael is the real brains behind this venture. He has been programming since computers had dirty great big valves, reels and reels of tape, and had to be kept in air-conditioned rooms else they burst into flames. (In other words …. he’s really old!) But he is a supremely gifted programmer, and there’s not an obstacle that this vertically challenged genius has not managed to beat. An absolute perfectionist, the fruits of his labour can be seen in the wonderful app that we’ve already developed – iBridgePlus, and hopefully you’ll see in the soon to be launched WiZBridge+.

And then there’s me. My name is Gidon, otherwise known as the technophobe.

My roll in this organisation is ….. not properly defined. I make the coffee …. I answer the phone when it rings … and yes, I do have a passion for Bridge and sometimes I give Michael a few ideas as to what the apps should do.

Bottom line is that we’ve been friends and business partners for more than 25 years, and have yet to leave for home at the end of a working day with a cross word to each other. This will obviously change when he reads that I’ve called him vertically challenged!

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