It’s been a long …. very long slog, but at last the Beta test is out. We enlisted a group of existing iBridgePlus players, and around 50 have been kind enough to offer and take part in the test.

So far the news is most encouraging. Most users report that although it is quite different from a classic Bridge game, they are enjoying the experience, and enjoying the new challenges that this game imposes on them. Quite a few have added the words ‘addictive’ and ‘compulsive’ to their comments, which is music to our ears. More importantly, they have come up with errors, omissions and suggestions, most of which will be implemented in one form or another.

We are hopeful that we’ll release Beta#2 to this group within a week or so. Beta#2 will fix some of the reported bugs, include user suggested ammendments, but most importantly will include a Duplicate mode, which we hope will take the experience and pleasure of playing this app to a new level.

Watch this space!

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