While Michael is beavering away on his keyboard writing code, yours truly is brainstorming with Michael, and wives / children / grandkids for a suitable name for this new app. Not an easy task I have to tell you. Here are the initial contenders:

7 Up (or variants such as 7 + ) We think that a small American outfit which puts bubbles into sugary water and bottles it may have some objections.

6 Plus Sounds a little too much like a school exam

FastBridge+ Now this one ticked all the boxes. We’ll go with that. Good old Uncle Google tells us that there’s one product called Fast Bridge (something to do with a fast-learning system) Surely it’s far enough from a Bridge app that they wont object. So we jump in, buy the domain names before someone else snaps them up, and then write a courtesy email to the Fast Bridge people to inform them, and ask for their approval.

A few weeks go by, and not a word from them. Promising ….. We’re just about to send a gentle reminder 2nd email when we receive a lengthy email from a very long named firm of Corporate Lawyers in California. Basically “we represent Fastbridge … and if you so much as dare to even think about it … you’ll all be speaking with very high voices indeed … and we’ll have every single cent that you, your children, and your neighbours have every made!”

Back to the drawing board

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